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How it all began...

Inspired by a family's epic voyage to the New World "From the Dust" is a musical project which began in 2000 when Scott Hamilton wrote the title song "From the Dust". Some fifteen years and lots of  music later the concert musical has finally emerged!



The Story...


From the pages of the Book of Mormon, the story traces the saga of an ordinary Old World family that migrates to the New World or Promisded Land (Meso-America) - where its members develop a rich, cultural heritage.


Spanning the centuries, the story sweeps from 600 BC through to present -day.


Loves, dreams, losses, family tensions, heroic struggles and heart -warming triumphs  by turns take centre stage as this remarkable story unfolds and builds to an awe-inspiring climax with the Saviour's visit to the Americas after His resurrection.

             (Image - Christ in America by Joseph Brickey)



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